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Crestforth International School was born out of the desire to bring hope to every child entrusted in our care; to make the life of every pupil a fertile land – where the seed of creativity grows, blossoms, and remains a beacon of hope to many. In our quest to achieve all these, we shall ensure the provision of the required facilities our learners need to spring forth as we lay the foundations that prepare them as major players in global events.

We provide an atmosphere that enhances, equips, and empowers the learners and their teachers to interact; promotes critical thinking in resolving every given task within a friendly learning environment.

We thank you for sharing this unique moment with us and we look forward to receiving your children to our school.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us.

Dr. Laxmi Jabe

Head of School

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Why Choose Us

We believe that ideas can change life that is why our curriculum
is developed to encourage new ideas.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum provides learners with the skills, knowledge and attributes they need to develop now, and in the future. Our ambitious curriculum tackles real life challenges, and has been designed with our School Community in mind. It enables children to experience a wide range of topics, giving them the opportunity to become life-long learners.

Learning Environment

From the moment you walk into the school grounds, you will notice that we take great pride in our learning environment. Classrooms, labs and studios are purposely designed to enhance learning and develop independence. from Nursery through to Secondary School.

Our Values

We pride in a zero bullying environment, we instill responsibility, excellence and respect. These values which have been chosen through consultations between parents, and staff, underpins everything we do in school and are reinforced through lessons and activities.

Educational Visits and Experiences

We place great importance on educational visits and experiences for our learners. not only to bring the curriculum alive, but to give them the life experience that enable them to thrive and have an education that they will remember and cherish forever.

Our Students' Stories

Public universities usually do not charge tuition fees,
apart from a small administrative fee.

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