Regular attendance is critical to your child’s education.  Disruptions to your child’s school attendance can have a significant impact on his or her academic performance.

Attendance Letters will be sent through email to parents month. When a child is excessively absent, a principal-teacher-parent-student conference/meeting will be held. If the problem continues, the excessive absences will be addressed with the best professional approach; based of the school practices within acceptable global standard.

Your child is expected to attend school consistently and can be absent only for illness or emergencies – the school may request for additional details/information to support this claim.

Please, do not schedule extended family vacations or social engagements (weddings, funerals, etc.) that may prevent your child from attending classes while in session.


  1. Send us a mail of “Letter of Absenteeism” to That’s it! This is the easiest and most efficient way to report your child’s absence.
  2. Let us know if your child has a contagious disease. Please, confirm with your child’s physician if your child has/experiences any symptoms related or associated with chickenpox, measles, mumps, or strep throat. Please note that letters will be via email and/or a hard copy in your child’s backpack.
  3. Please upon returning to school, you are requested to provide the school with a note from your physician indicating the diagnosis and releasing your child to return to school.
  4. Please note that a child who was absent from school due to a fever, rash, vomiting and diarrhea must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school.

Please notify the school of any anticipated absence due to out-of-town trips, family emergencies or medical appointments.


We expect students to arrive at school on time. A student entering class late not only impacts his/her own learning but also disrupts the flow of the classroom and the entire learning environment. Upon arrival, latecomer students must check in at the designated office. If your child has several tardies, the school of office will send home a letter. Tardy Letters will go home each month starting every October. If you child receives a second Tardy Letter, a Head Teacher-Teacher-Parent-Student Conference/Meeting will be held. If the excessive tardies continue, the school will take the most appropriate measures within the best global practices.


If you need to take your child out of school before the end of the school day:

  1. Send a note in with your child stating the time your child will be picked up, by whom, and the reason for the early release.
  2. Go to the school office, not the classroom. Sign the release form on the office front counter.
  3. The office staff will call the classroom and your child will meet you in the office. For Kinder parents only- You will be issued a Release Slip and you must pick up your kinder from the classroom. If your child is at lunch, recess or PE, you will be issued a Release Slip to get your child from the playground.
  4. All adults must be prepared to show photo identification.

This simple procedure protects your child.  We will not release a student to anyone except the parent, legal guardian, or a person you have authorized to pick up your child.  Please list all authorized individuals on the emergency card.


Please give the office a minimum of one week’s notice before withdrawing a student from school. We ask parents to verify that all library and textbooks have been returned prior to withdrawal. The child’s cumulative folder will be sent to the child’s new school when a written request  is received from the new school.