Our Curriculum

Early Years Center

Crestforth International School is passionate to ensure that effective teaching and learning take place within the ambiance of the school environment and beyond. This is the driving force behind her becoming the First school in Sub-Saharan Africa fully approved to run the Cambridge Early Years curriculum. It is the first stage of the Cambridge Pathway that helps early-year learners transition to the next stage of their education. The Cambridge early-year curriculum focuses on the developmental milestones that learners will reach in knowledge, understanding, and skill by the time they are ready to transition into the Cambridge Primary curriculum.

Primary School


At the Primary level, our well-blended curriculum of the national, International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculum set our learners on a global platform, giving them an opportunity to broaden their learning horizon. Our learners are prepared for the Cambridge Primary checkpoint and the National Common Entrance Examinations at the exit class of grade 6. This blend of curriculum provides a comprehensive set of learning objectives as to what learners should know and be able to do in each year of their Primary education. Learners in primary school are encouraged to develop thinking skills and be involved in intellectual and community development.

Secondary School


Crestforth International Secondary School offers a well-blended age-appropriate curriculum that develops creativity, expression, and well-being. We offer a range of optional assessments to help accurately measure students’ potential and progress.  At Crestforth Secondary learners have the option of choosing the Ontario Secondary School Diploma or the Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculum which is divided into the junior school level in preparation for the Cambridge junior secondary checkpoint exams for learners ages 11- 14 years or the option of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma which begins at grade 9. All students are encouraged to register for the WAEC and NECO examinations as the very robust blend of the curriculum is a solid foundation to thrive on

Windows Of Opportunity

Crestforth International School helps to prepare students from all backgrounds for successful careers.