Christmas Fiesta 2022

Crestforth school sure gave her parents a three course meal of an undiluted Christmas experience;...

16 December, 2022

IEYC- Entry Point: "The World around us"

The Entry Point Activity of our Early Years IEYC Unit, “The World Around Us” brought loud roa...

21 October, 2022

IPC Entry Point - "Olympics: Bringing Home Bronze."

In Latin “Citius  Altius  Fortius” translates into Swifter, High...

26 September, 2022

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

Ozone Layer Protection: The Mission Goes On 

World Ozone Day is celebrated on the 16th...

16 September, 2022

Graduation/Prize Giving Day

It has been a wonderful academic year for all of us at Crestforth International School.

30 July, 2022

IEYC Entry Point: Once upon a time

Our Entry Point  for IEYC unit, “Once upon a time” was fun filled as we listened to...

10 June, 2022


Life will move on but atleast these memories are forever.
We recreated the good ...

22 June, 2022

Easter Fiesta

The Easter Fiesta was particularly convivial. The games were engaging and fun. The students parti...

28 March, 2022

International Mother Language Day/ Cultural Day

The true knowledge of our existence lies deep within our cultural heritage. 

21 February, 2022

IEYC - Imagine That!

Our IEYC theme “Imagine That !”, was all about exploring artists and their w...

15 February, 2022