When it comes to choosing an international school in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, or indeed anywhere in Nigeria, quality, experience, and competence have to be paramount.

Making the decision about where a child will continue their education is a huge one for both parents and the kids themselves because it frequently has a direct bearing on the student's future career and quality of life.

There is an alternative solution to this problem, and parents of the nursery, primary, and secondary pupils are choosing it more frequently. International schools are frequently chosen by parents and kids who wish to take control of their educational route from an early age.

Students of all ages can benefit from attending an international school in Port Harcourt, but it is especially beneficial for those kids whose parents have made decisions about the future of their children and decided that quality education is an integral part of it.

Students that attend an international school get to encounter other cultures and cultures around the world. Through these experiences, they will be able to widen their perspectives, overcome language barriers, improve their language skills, and open up more chances for higher education, typically abroad.

What is an international school?

Among nursery, primary, and secondary schools, the international school is a highly regarded institution whose curriculum provides the broadest academic grounding and serves as a launching pad for postsecondary study abroad. In a global setting, they support international education.

The International Baccalaureate, Edexcel, Cambridge Assessment International Education, International Primary Curriculum, or Advanced Placement are common examples of curricula used in international schools. International schools frequently use a curriculum that is distinct from that of the nation in which they are located or a combination of the two.

What Distinguishes International Schools from Others?

1. Promoting Values that are Important Worldwide

When it comes to the curriculum they offer students, international schools mostly concentrate on fostering intercultural awareness. They feel as though they have a thorough understanding of the world around them as a result of this.

The knowledge and abilities they acquire in such schools have the potential to transform the pupils into open-minded individuals who actively participate in international events because they are exposed to a variety of contrasts.

These ideals are cherished and upheld by some of the most well-known international school programs, including the Cambridge International program, which has been adopted by numerous schools around the globe.

2. Credentials Acknowledged Globally

The curriculum of the international school you choose in Port Harcourt is very important for the student's future educational progress. International schools have incredibly thorough curricula that allow pupils to tailor their knowledge.

They can achieve this by selecting a variety of extracurricular pursuits in addition to their main curriculum, such as sports, performing arts, creative writing, etc. Students can extend their views and distinguish themselves at universities by excelling in the social sciences, in addition to the traditional STEM topics in this way.

Such educational models are known for producing versatile, complete graduates who then go on to flourish and become strong candidates for admission to prominent foreign universities. Due to the widespread recognition of international programs, students can easily switch their academic settings.

3. A Greater Level of Commitment to Pupils

The fact that foreign schools are set up so that lessons are attended in smaller classes, allowing for greater attention to individual work with each pupil, is what parents of kids who seek the greatest education for their children find particularly alluring.

Students handle the material more skillfully and attentively in this way. Additionally, the teaching staff is set up so that they are accessible for additional inquiries and extra tutoring outside of scheduled courses. This makes it possible to put into practice the notion that instruction should be personalized for each learner separately.

As a result, students comprehend their courses more thoroughly and clearly, which helps their retention of knowledge from the classroom.

4. The Future of Education in Port Harcourt

The idea of a future-ready school is embodied in the way that classrooms in international schools are created, which adhere to the best standards in the world. This implies that they are set up in a way that gives students access to the best technical tools for work and study, allowing the educational program to be utilized as fully and as creatively as possible.

The schools of the twenty-first century are those that prepare students to live in the modern world and apply their knowledge in ways that have been modified to meet the needs of a very different future.

One of the crucial components for obtaining the qualifications required to perform in the global economy is this type of education, which focuses on producing contemporary young people who speak the global digital language.

5. Exciting surroundings as a chance for growth

Since they are in the hub of all activity, international schools are frequently found in major cities like Port Harcourt and are the ideal setting for meeting students with different backgrounds. Additionally, they take a novel, sophisticated approach to education. Additionally, they help students connect with one another and grow into vibrant, contemporary individuals with a wealth of opportunities ahead of them.

When paired with a well-balanced curriculum of the highest caliber, such a program has a significant positive impact on children's development of emotional and social intelligence, which is a necessary condition for their prosperity and success.

Children who attend foreign schools develop communication skills and confidence by learning how to interact with people from various cultures and peer groups.

These privileges are another benefit of being an international school, one of the most sought-after institutions in the area.

Which is the Best International School in Port Harcourt?

Crestforth International School is proud to say that we are a standout international school based in Port Harcourt, the Rivers state capital. Crestforth embraces and utilizes all the standards itemized above that identify such schools and set them apart from pretenders.

International school in port harcourt

Located in a serene, yet accessible area along Stadium Road in the Rivers state capital, Crestforth International School operates a hybrid curriculum that includes CAIE, IEYC, and IPC curricula.

To get more information about how your children can acquire an international standard education in Port Harcourt, you can reach Crestforth International School through:

Location: 10 Ambrose O. Ogbonna Avenue, off Stadium Road, Port Harcourt. Rivers State. Nigeria.

Phone: +234 9064000044, +234 8072112288

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