The Journey So Far

The secondary arm of Crestforth International School has witnessed a maximum increase this year both academically and numerically. At this stage of their lives, our learners have begun to understand themselves more and come into their own. They also strive to be independent and more involved in the decision-making process; At Crestforth, we aim to help them navigate their path and maintain their lane by instilling good values that will in turn make for a well-rounded adult. As a section, we have embarked on a number of activities this term to keep our learners not only enlightened but entertained.

UNESCO International Day for ‘Universal Access to Information’ was a day to remember as learners were made to appreciate the relevance of information and its evolution over the years. They were also made to understand the mechanics behind accessing information. The students were also informed about the negative effects of the improper use of information obtained from the internet. The children also joined a live YouTube session on Universal Access to Information that was being discussed by the UNESCO Panel Body.

Independence Day Celebration: Our high school learners had a blast during the Independence Day celebration which was celebrated on the 30th of September 2023. The day began with all learners watching a documentary showing the events that led up to the independence of Nigeria; this was to inculcate in the children an appreciation for the nation and show the significance of such event. The day was a very colourful one as learners came dressed in their respective cultural attires. They were made to greet in their local dialect, they also told everyone about their culture. The highlight of the day was the cultural dance exhibition. Local songs based on the cultural groups represented were played and learners danced. The celebration was indeed entertaining and educative.

Global Perspective Termly Project: The theme was “Education for All” and Learners explored the various facets of education and were exposed to its relevance to them as students and members of society. They were also exposed to the benefits of Recycling and were able to go around the compound picking up recyclable materials. This project was carried out by all students and teachers and together we discovered that education goes beyond the four walls of a school and extends to the environment and their social interaction with her members.

Sports Activities: Everyone loves Fridays at Crestforth. And why? You may ask. Well, this is because Fridays are always a blast and all learners eagerly look forward to the 30 minutes of vigorous playtime. It is aimed at inculcating in the students the spirit of good sportsmanship and the value of teamwork. It also serves as a time to unwind, especially from the numerous academic activities that learners do on a daily basis. The colourful and energetic atmosphere on Fridays is always a delight to see. Here, at Crest Forth, we believe that to have a sound mind one must be healthy; after all, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

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