We are running an inclusive curriculum that produces a total child (i.e. a professionally organised curriculum that integrates, exposes, and enhances diversity in teaching/learning which prepares a solid foundation that makes our products global brands).

To achieve these:

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We are Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) accredited Associate School. Our full accreditation with the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) gives us unrestricted access to various resource materials and leveraging on the Continuous Professional Development as we implement Cambridge Primary. All these and more place Crestforth International School ahead as it provides one of the best forms of teaching and learning.
With this, our pupils and teachers are exposed to the best form of professional practices, kept abreast with the current tools, information, and strategies for teaching/learning, and easily access the best materials and resources exposures for educational services.
Also, the learning and teaching in Crestforth International School include an internationally accredited assessment/examination – Primary Checkpoint – that helps our pupils develop confidence in learning, a solid foundation in character molding, and adequate preparation for the future.
The package the CAIE provides includes constant, continuous, and consistent training for all our teachers. We shall continue to explore all the available platforms the CAIE provides.
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The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) also plays crucial roles in shaping, sharpening, and challenging our pupils for academic excellence. This encourages critical thinking and applications of concepts to resolve tasks within the set targets without losing track.
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The International Early Year Curriculum (IEYC) provides guidance for learning/teaching of 2 to 5 years old. IEYC therefore guarantees formidable academic foundation that guarantees progressive improvement towards excellence in learning and teaching.
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Montessori Method of Teaching and Learning is one of our major tools. We are Montessori in practice!
This includes an emphasis on learning independence, confidence, and response with encouragement towards capacity building.
CRESTFORTH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL encourages teaching and learning that is learners’ centered.